We have depended on mattresses to provide us with good sleep for a long time. But they tend to sink with time and leave us in aches eventually. That’s why we need to get smarter and settle for a good boy pillow instead. What these pillows offer is one of the most comfortable and relaxing sleeping experiences.

So, are body pillows good for side sleepers? Yes, they are- and not only for them, but also pregnant ladies, stomach sleepers, and couples. Body pillows eliminate snoring, improve circulation when we are asleep, align the spine properly with the body, and also relieve the body of unnecessary pressures. When all these are solved, the end result is a long, peaceful, and comfortable sleep. 

To learn more about body pillows and how they can help side sleepers get a good night’s rest, read on. 

What is a Body Pillow?

In layman’s language, a body pillow is a long and narrow pillow that runs your entire body. Body pillows were initially designed for pregnant women, but have since gained massive popularity among the rest of the population. One of the main reasons for this is that body pillows provide support to the entire body- something foreign in other pillows and even mattresses.

If you love cuddling, but unfortunately, you have no partner, these pillows also work the magic. Body pillows are comfortable, soft and also firm enough to provide support to your entire body- including the arms, torso, and top legs for side sleepers. The pillows are highly orthopedic and can be found easily at bedding stores and online.

What Is Used to Make Body Pillows?

Just like regular pillows, body pillows are made using different materials. One thing to note is that the material used in the construction of a body pillow greatly determines its comfort levels. Some of the common materials used in the construction of these pillows are outlined below.

Shredded Latex

Body pillows constructed with shredded latex come with an outer cotton casing. Such pillows are bouncy, super comfortable, and conform perfectly to the shape of your body. People who benefit most from body pillows made using shredded latex are those who suffer from shoulder and neck pains. The material is highly responsive and will keep your spine aligned when you hug the pillow.

Another great thing with shredded latex is that it is hypoallergenic, meaning no kinds of allergies will prevent you from enjoying the subtle benefits coming with this pillow.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam is popular among pillows, and not only body pillows, but also other types of pillows. The first thing to mention about this material is that it is hypoallergenic, just like shredded latex, and people with allergies can still use it. Secondly, the material is comfortable and highly breathable. It regulates temperature, and you can use it even on hot nights. 

Finally, we love this material because its firmness is adjustable. You can add the material when you need extra support or decrease it when it’s too firm.


Wool does magic when you need a pillow to keep you warm in the winters and cool during summer. Wool is a natural insulator, and it will keep you comfortable throughout. Body pillows made using wool are not only comfortable but also keep your spine and back aligned, regardless of your sleeping position. 

Wool-Latex Blend

Just as the name suggests, this is a blend of wool and latex. Combining these two brings out a pillow that is soft and simultaneously supportive. Wool, as mentioned earlier, is a natural insulator and so provides the pillow with great circulation and breathability. 

Latex, on the other hand, provides the pillow with a firm feel. Moreover, it gives the pillow a responsive feeling which aligns your spine as well as helps in relieving pressure points.


Kapok is a special type of cotton. We already know that cotton makes some of the most comfortable and breathable body pillows. Well, these ones are even better. Kapok cotton is used to design organic body pillows, which come with fluffiness and no feathers. The material will ensure that you’re cool on hot nights as well as hot during cold nights.

We love these pillows as they provide good spine alignment, pressure relief, and support for side sleepers.

Feather or Down

Another material used in the construction of body pillows is the feather, although you’ll rarely come across this. Such pillows are soft but will not provide you with the best support. Another reason we wouldn’t highly recommend this kind of pillow is that they cause allergies, which limits the number of people who can use them.

Benefits of Body Pillows

If you thought that body pillows were designed for comfort and support only, then you’re in for a rude shock. Okay, these are the main benefits, but there is a lot more in store for you with the pillows. The market nowadays comes with ergonomic design pillows for various body parts- the back and spine, legs, shoulders, and neck. Well, body pillows combine all these into one. Yes, that’s how good body pillows are.

Having a body pillow means you can use it to support any body part or even your entire body. Side sleepers will enjoy these pillows most. Using body pillows comes with lots of benefits. Some of them are as mentioned below.

Eliminates snoring

If you’ve tried all means to get rid of snoring without success, how about you try body pillows? We assure you that you won’t regret it. Body pillows help with sleep apnea and snoring by elevating the upper part of the body. To do so, the body pillows ensure that the sleeper is sleeping on the side throughout the night. 

Sleeping on the side does a great job in relieving sleep apnea symptoms such as snoring, coughing, dry mouth, and obstructed breathing, among others.  

Relieves Pressure

Second, in line is that body pillows relieve our body of unnecessary pressures. Being in a supine position makes our body take in maximum pressure. The situation becomes even worse when the mattress isn’t sufficiently supportive. A body pillow solves all these. It provides sleepers with that extra support and, in turn, prevents soreness as well as relieves the pressure.

Alignment of the Spine

One of the most important things when sleeping is to keep your spine aligned. We become numb when asleep, and so we are normally unaware of our position and might lead to soreness when we wake up. A body pillow prevents this. The pillow supports you regardless of your sleeping position. What this does, in turn, is to improve your spinal alignment and keep all pains and aches away.

Improves Circulation

Did you know that an improper sleeping position affects your blood circulation? Well, now, you know. We don’t have to go into details on how dangerous this can be- you might suffocate to death. To prevent such catastrophic outcomes, body pillows come into play.

A body pillow keeps the sleeping position right and improves both air and blood circulation. The pillow keeps sleepers comfortable and supported.

Who Needs to Use a Body Pillow?  

Different people prefer different types of people. However, body pillows will suit the following categories of people best.

Side Sleepers

The healthiest sleeping position recommended by sleep experts is side sleeping. It provides good aeration and blood circulation, which, in turn, eliminates sleep apnea problems such as snoring and coughing. However, side sleepers might experience arm and shoulder pressure and discomfort. Rely on a body pillow to decrease the pressure to significant levels.

Also, most side sleepers will testify that they feel comfortable when the bottom part of the pillow is tucked between their knees. The reason behind this is that the pelvis gets aligned with the spine preventing ankles from rubbing each other, which would otherwise cause bruising and chafing.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping isn’t the best sleeping position and isn’t recommended, but we aren’t in charge of our sleeping positions all the time. Most of us turn in sleep, and we can find ourselves in this position. The position exposes us to pain and unnecessary pressures.

The answer to this problem lies with a body pillow. Sleeping on a boy pillow eliminates all the discomfort as it allows sleepers to sleep on a soft surface without straining the neck. Some sleepers prefer sleeping in a compromise position between the stomach and side sleeping and the body pillows beneath them.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women find sleeping difficult when their bellies start expanding. There is normally a high concentration of weight on the mid-section, which results in discomfort. All this is normal. Whereas you can’t prevent or fight it, you can curb it, and the answer to all your problems lies with body pillows.

Body pillows cradle the extra weight providing pregnant ladies with the needed comfort and support. It is recommended that pregnant women sleep with body pillows tucked in between their knees. Another great thing with body pillows is that they provide pregnant ladies with extra comfort when tucked between the ankles and legs or against their backs.


Last on the list are couples, who are also not left behind when it comes to enjoying the benefits of body pillows. Body pillows are large enough to provide cushioning for more than one person. The pillow can be placed across the mattress for two people to enjoy sleeping on it, especially when they are close to one another.    

Reviews and Recommendations: Top 7 Best Body Pillows

Our article will not be complete without a review of some of the best body pillow options for you. The market has an array of options when it comes to body pillows, and settling for the right one can be an intimidating task. For the best sleeping experience, it’s only prudent that you settle for the right body pillow.

Well, if you don’t know what to settle for, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. Here are the top seven best body pillows in the current market. Your sleep couldn’t get any better! 

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam

Topping the list is the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Full Body Pillow. What you’re settling for with this product is a super cozy and comfortable pillow. The pillow is proudly designed in the United States of America, and with this, you can rest assured that its quality is top-notch. Shredded foam is used in its construction to not only ensure that the pillow is supportive, but also soft for its users. 

The manufacturers designed their removable cover breathable so as to assist with the temperature regulation. So, even on hot nights, you’ll still be able to sleep like a little angel. Another thumbs-up to the pillow is that it is made big to accommodate all types of people. It measures 20 by 55 inches, and even tall sleepers won’t have a problem using it.

One thing worth mentioning is that the memory foam makes the pillow dense, and you might find it to be a little bit heavy. However, if you are in search of a comfortable, supportive, and easy to sleep pillow, finding an option that will beat Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Full Body Pillow will be relatively difficult.

AllerEase 100% Cotton Allergy Protection Medium Density Body Pillow

Who said you couldn’t find a good quality body pillow at an affordable price? Well, the Aller-Ease 100% Cotton Allergy Body Pillow refutes this notion. The price attached to this pillow is a budget-friendly one, and you’ll love it. You won’t have to break your bank to own this beauty. What’s even better is that it is washable and can be dried as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

We have to commend it for the length and stability that it provides its users. Moreover, comfort was also a core consideration for the manufacturers as they were designing it. Aller-Ease Cotton Body Pillow beats all its competitors in its price range, no doubt about that. We will, however, have to deduct a point from its polyester fiber retains most of the heat inside- something that isn’t great for hot nights.

Leachco All Nighter – Pregnancy/Maternity Total Body Pillow

Pregnant ladies will agree with us that sleeping comfortably can turn out to be a hassle. Well, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore, thanks to Leachco All Nighter Pregnancy Total Body Pillow. Your growing bump shouldn’t be the hindrance between you and a good night’s sleep. Leachco All Nighter has been in the industry for decades, and you can expect nothing short of excellence from them.

The secret behind the success story of this pillow is entirely on its shape. It comes in a J-shape with a cylindrical body that supports the back, leg, and shoulders. There’s also a short pillow hook which assists in cradling the upper body. You’ll agree with us that pregnancy is delicate, and so you have to deal with it in a special case.

A lot more is in store for you with this pillow. For starters, you have the liberty of adjusting the pillow in search of a proper spot for supporting your expanding belly and sore muscles. Secondly, its cover is machine-washable, not to mention removable. However, while this might be the case, you should be aware that returning the pillowcase back can be one hell of a job. Also, the price attached to this pillow is slightly higher than most options.

Showlovein Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Great news! Here is another pillow designed for pregnant women. Well, this one is specifically for women with back pains. Pregnancy can be tiring, and sometimes all you need is a long and uninterrupted nap- time away from all your back pains and troubles. We have to give the manufacturers all the accolades for a good job.

You’ll fall in love with this pillow right from the word go! It is beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Secondly, it comes with a super soft velour cover. Thirdly, it is machine washable; taking away your hassle of washing it- it couldn’t get any better from here.

The pillow provides you with entire body support, relieving pressure points on your back as well as soothing your aching muscles. The pillow isn’t strictly restricted to pregnant ladies, but also people with back pains. The pillow cradles your legs and back, holding you to a comfortable and cozy sleeping position. The pillow top comes in a U-Shape for support of your head and lower body. You’ll love every second spent with this pillow.

Coop Home Goods – Adjustable Body Pillow

The price attached to this pillow is a little bit high, but before you can judge it based on this, a lot of goodies are in store for you with this pillow. For starters, its construction incorporates the use of certified CertiPUR-US memory foam that’s not only super comfortable but also safe for use. The pillow is proudly designed in the USA, and its quality is top-notch. 

Secondly, the filling of this pillow can be removed or added through zipper access of the pillow, a feature that sets this pillow apart from the rest. We love this feature because it becomes easy to adjust the pillow once it becomes too stiff or plush. You can add to the filling for added support and alternatively remove some of it when it becomes too stiff.

Last but not least, this pillow is machine washable. The problem with this is that the filling can be massive when wet and reduces comfort thereafter. The best alternative is to find a removable pillow cover then wash the pillow cover instead when the need arises.

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Maternity Body Pillow is made for side sleepers. Side sleepers require a pillow that is not rock hard or too high. Well, this pillow fits in this criterion and will be the perfect choice for all side sleepers. Just like most of the pillows, its secret lies in its shape. It comes in a horseshoe shape and allows a spot for supporting the lower body and also laying your head.

The center comes with a smooth jersey cover that you’ll find comfortable to hold. The shape of this pillow attributes a lot to its success. Most people find it very comfortable. Moreover, it is highly adjustable, and finding the perfect spot for a sweet slumber won’t be a problem.

One con, however, that lies with this pillow is when it comes to the polyester filling used in its construction. It tends to retain most of the heat, which can be discomforting, especially during hot nights.

Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow with Zipper Removable Cover 

Nerds and book wormers should pay more attention to this product. If you’re the type who loves to study while in bed or couch but hardly find a suitable position to do so, well, your struggles end today- courtesy of Meiz U-Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow. The pillow is a versatile one, and isn’t restricted only to reading but also sleeping, during maternity, and lounging among others.

The shape of this pillow qualifies it best for reading. Its center comes in a U-shape, allowing the back to rest comfortably. What’s even better is that you can position the ends to position your book and read comfortably without any distractions. 

The shape of this pillow also makes it great for performing other tasks or crafts in bed during recuperation or rest periods. Although the microfiber used in the construction retains some heat, the manufacturers made up for this with its functionality a lot that users hardly notice of this. 

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A small tip for storing this pillow while you aren’t using it is on a hanger inside your closet. There are no more reasons as to why you should struggle reading when in bed when the Meiz U-Shaped pregnancy Body Pillow is in the town.

Features to Look For in a Good Body Pillow

If you want the best sleeping experience, you have to settle for the best pillows. How do you choose the best body pillows? Well, we look at some of the features to look for when making your body pillow purchase. Pillows come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and fabrics. Different people have different tastes when it comes to such matters. Finding a suitable body pillow should, therefore, be upon once choice.

Filling Material

The filling material is used in the construction of the pillow to provide it with the required size. It influences the response, bounce, and comfort of the pillow, all of which play a crucial role in the sleeping experience. Different filling materials come with different comfort and bounce, although the final decision is entirely dependent on the preference and taste of the buyer.

Previous experiences with different materials come into play when deciding the filling material to settle for. The good thing is that some pillows come with sleep trials, and so you can always return them in case you aren’t satisfied with their performance.

Covering Material

The fabric used to cover the pillow also plays an important role in choosing the right body pillow. Some of the features to look for in the covering material are whether they are machine-washable and also their durability. You can also check to see whether there are side zips which facilitate easy removal of the pillowcase when it’s time to wash it.

This article is owned by Sleeping Report and was first published on March 24, 2020

One common thing in most pillows is that using bleach on them isn’t recommended, and you should always keep this in mind. Also, it will be wise to go for a fabric that is hypoallergenic, where people with allergies will be able to use it.


Your safety with the use of a pillow should be a top priority. With this, always ensure that the pillow you settle for is certified. An example of such bodies is CertiPUR, which tells you whether the pillow is safe for use. Other certification labels indicate whether the pillow contains poisonous substances like lead.


The price of any general product is something that everyone puts into consideration. You don’t want to settle for something that is out of your budget. There is this notion that the quality of body pillows is directly proportional to its price. While this is the case in most cases, it isn’t always true. You can find high-quality body pillows at relatively low prices. You don’t have to break your bank to own a pillow, do you?


Lastly is the shape of the pillow. The shape contributes greatly to the functionality of the pillow. Also, different shapes suit different categories of people best. The position you sleep at also plays an important role in the shape of the pillow to settle for. For instance, side sleepers and pregnant ladies will find C and U- Shaped pillows most important. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, can work with a rectangular shaped-pillow


Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning fresh from sleep, and also free from pains, back and neck pains and sores. If you’ve had trouble sleeping whether because you’re pregnant, you are a stomach sleeper or whatever reason, your answer lies with body pillows. 

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Consider our reviews for the best products in the market. Also, our buying guide will assist you in settling for the right product. Have a good night’s sleep!